Working with Small and Awkward Spaces

The benefits of hand-crafted canopies

Over the last few years, we have been asked by many customers to create canopies to fit into small and awkward spaces. By far the most common enquiry has been for doors and windows that had limited head room. We have developed various styles in our range, including our Cotswold, Sarah, Millennium and Belgravia Deco, that provide the perfect solution. Additionally, where one of our standard canopies hasn’t worked, we have manufactured a number of bespoke canopies. Below is a small selection of canopies we have made.

The first example is one of our Belgravia Deco canopies, made to fit snugly beneath a tiled roof on a chalet bungalow. This customer wanted the canopy to be wider so that it could span across the two side windows

Belgravia Deco fitted on a chalet bungalow

And below is a picture showing our Cotswold slimline door canopy. Amazingly, this only needs 70mm gap above the door or window. This slimline look, however, has also been selected by customers just for its aesthetics.

Slimline Cotswold Canopy fitted on a bungalow

The customer who owns the below lovely new timber property was having real proplems with the door swelling. The door had limited head room due to the construction of the gable above, so we manufactured a bespoke zinc Sarah door canopy for them with ornate sunburst brackets.

Sarah door canopy fitted on a wood clad building

A similar solution was provided to a customer on their log cabin. They chose to have their Sarah canopy made with natural copper.

Sarah copper bespoke canopy installed above a door on a log cabin

The picture below shows a bespoke porch that was made to overcome a very challenging situation. Based on the Belgravia canopy, it was manufactured to a bespoke height as it needed to sit under a gas pipe and an existing light fitting. The canopy was also made to fit tightly around a downpipe. I think you would agree that the team made a sterling job!

Working with small and awkward spaces - Bespoke Belgravia porch installed into a challenging space on a Georgian property

The below project was undertaken for a client who was remodelling a 1950s property, giving it a new contemporary look. He really liked our Glamorgan canopy, however, it would have to fit between the door and a window above. He provided us with accurate measurements, which enabled us to manufacture a bespoke Glamorgan door canopy. The subtle curves along with the sharp, crisp standing seams gave the canopy the modern contempary look the customer was looking for.

Glamorgan bespoke zinc canopy over a door with limited head room on a period cottage

We have many other examples of canopies that have been made to fit into small and awkward spaces. If you have a similar situation, then please contact us. If you are able to send a photograph of your doorway, we should even be able to create a mock-up to show you how the canopy can look.

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