Working with Period Buildings

Traditional Zinc Veranda in Cambridge

The weather this month has been unusually warm, although sometimes very wet. I think this is the reason we have been inundated with enquiries for our Verandas. It may also be because we have launched a dedicated Veranda page and Veranda Information Pack on our website. With the Veranda theme in mind, I thought I would dedicate this blog to one we have recently installed on a beautiful farmhouse near Cambridge.

This all started with an enquiry back in July; well actually, after speaking to the client, it started 2 years earlier. She had seen our advert in the Our Country Magazine, which she had cut out and put somewhere safe. Two years later she found it and sent us an email with photos.

ZAC Veranda Project Image 1

The client sent some very good photos to see what we were up against. She explained it was a very old building and nothing was straight or uniform. I suggested that I could make a mock-up for her. If she liked it, I would provide a quotation.

The criterion was for a traditional period real zinc veranda with simple metal frame in keeping with the period building. “I don’t want anything too ostentatious.” With that in mind, I got going on mocking something up and then working out a rough guide price.

ZAC Veranda Project Image 2

“That is just what we are looking for but I am just a bit worried as it may cut out the light.” That was not a problem as I had included a flat roof in the design. I suggested a glass sky light in the summit. “That’s it, I like it, what’s next?” We then took a deposit and made a site visit. This is not the norm, however as the client said everything was crooked, I felt I should go and measure.

ZAC Veranda Project Image 3

I was very glad that I took the trouble to make a site visit, as they said, nothing was straight. I made a drawing for the client which they approved, and the manufacture commenced.

ZAC Veranda Project Image 4

The guys erected the roof frame, first securing it with chemical fixings. We clad the frame on site due to the irregularities in the wall of the house and the retaining wall. We can supply Belgravia roofs fully assembled and pre-clad with zinc or copper for easy installation.

ZAC Veranda Project Image 5

Once the roof frame was complete, the posts and the brackets were erected and secured to the frame. The frame and post had all been powder coated to give a long-lasting, durable finish.

ZAC Veranda Project Image 6
ZAC Veranda Project Image 7

The customer chose our VM Prepatinised quartz grey zinc to clad the frame. All ready for a nice glass of something and a nice winter BBQ. The client is going to fit lights and a heater on the purpose made bar. We must not forget to mention the glass sky light, it finishes the canopy off perfectly.

From conception to installation.

ZAC Veranda Project Image 8

I must say, we love making our canopies and verandas for our customers. However, these customers were particularly nice! As you can see in the picture, lots of homemade cakes and biscuits and lashings of tea and coffee. The guys were even offered lunch and breakfast. Sometimes it is a bit sad when you finish a job. 

ZAC Veranda Project Image 9

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