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Protection from the elements

The very first canopy we made was for a customer who had ongoing problems with their front door swelling during the autumn and winter months. They had contacted an expert door company who had advised them that the most prevalent cause of a door swelling was moisture and that they should look at ways to protect the door. It is noteworthy that they also highlighted other causes including frequent opening and closing, and the frame of the door becoming misaligned with hinges and screws becoming loose. In this particular case, it was realised that the door simply wasn’t protected from the elements!

The customer approached us to help design a canopy that would protect the door, but they were very keen to make sure it was in keeping with the architecture of their house and others in the neighbourhood. This first canopy went on to become the Blenheim.

The needs of our first customer paved the way for helping many others, all with the common wish to protect both them and their beautiful front doors. Below are some of the projects that we have carried out showing various canopies from our range fitted over wooden doors.

Both of the wooden doors below have been protected with our Cotswold door canopies. As these examples show, whether your wooden door is varnished or painted, a canopy can help to protect them from the elements.

Canopy over a natural wood front door
Canopy over a painted front door of a brick house

The Belgravia style canopies below have been fitted over beautiful double doors. The lefthand doors form the entrance to Dunstan Hall in Norfolk, which is a listed hotel. The porch covering the double wooden doors on the righthand picture creates a grand entrance and, just as importantly, helps protect the doors from the elements.

Canopy over the double wooden front doors of Dunstan Hall
Porch over a double painted wooden front door

Feedback from some of our customers show that their canopies not only protect their doors, but also help to protect them and their visitors whilst at their front doors. Whether having a brief chat with a delivery driver or searching through their pockets for the front door key, standing beneath their canopy helps to keep them dry.

The below photographs show wooden doors being protected by a Belgravia Deco and a Belgravia Classic.

Canopy over a wooden front door on an art deco property
Canopy over a wooden quartz grey painted front door

How long a wooden door will last is dependent on a lot of factors, including whether it is softwood or hardwood and how well it is maintained. Most people agree, however, that installing a canopy over your door will vastly improve the longevity of the wood.

The below photographs show houses with glazed doors, both protected by our Parisian door canopies.

Canopy over wooden French doors
Parisian Canopy over a painted door and window

ZAC manufactures a number of different door canopies; this will enable you to choose the correct one for you. Alternatively, we can manufacture something totally bespoke. Like wood, zinc and copper are truly sustainable materials and they are also beautiful and functional.

And finally, the picture below shows a beautiful wooden entrance protected by one of our Millennium canopies clad in copper.

You may have seen some old building with green copper and wonder whether the copper of this canopy will turn green to match the door. It is fair to say that copper transforms from a bright shiny colour to form a beautiful rich brown patina within a year or so of being outside. It will take many more years, however, to turn green. This is something discussed in another blog, so I will leave it with you to read if you are interested.

Curved canopy over a wooden door with side panels

Returning to our first customer, you will be pleased to hear that they still report that they have not had any further problems with their front door swelling.

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