The Waterloo

Double Canopies at Waterloo project
Waterloo door canopies with front panel on terraced houses

Our Waterloo door canopy was first made for a housing project in Waterloo. The customer asked for barrel-shaped canopies to be made to replace existing canopies on rows of houses. Its design has gone on to be used in various other projects and, in particular, where front entrances have a rounded door or window. It can be made with or without a front panel, but fundamentally, the design of the canopy is made up of multiple convex panels that are joined together with standing seams.

As is standard, the canopy is built on a lightweight, mild steel frame, which is powder-coated to ensure it is both smooth and durable. Each panel is then separately formed before being secured to the frame and then traditionally finished with the standing seams.

Waterloo door canopy with sunburst brackets
Waterloo door canopy over a segmented arched window

Although all Waterloo door canopies are rounded, their actual shape can range from a barrel shape to a semi-circle. For instance, the canopy pictured above had a radius to fit in with the semi-circular window above the door and needed to have a height of 1160; so the canopy was constructed to fit in around the window. As with all of our canopies, we are of course able to make the canopy to fit in with a customer’s own specific requirements, alternatively simply add some of our sunburst or circlet brackets . Customers can then select whether their door canopy is clad with natural, anthra or quartz grey 0.7 gauge VM Zinc, or 0.6 gauge natural copper.

Waterloo door canopy in grey quartz on a porch
Waterloo door canopy in grey quartz on a porch
Waterloo Porch 1
Waterloo Porch 2
Waterloo Porch 3
Waterloo Porch 4
Waterloo porch 5
Waterloo porch 6
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Recently, one of our customers chose to have the Waterloo canopy as the roof of an exquisite porch design.  The overall effect was to create a grand entrance to an already magnificent property.

Although specific information can be found on our Porch page, it is worth highlighting here that customers are able to design their own porch by simply selecting from our range of columns, brackets, pilasters and valances, and then choosing from any of our range of canopies.

As they are bespoke, they are made to measure and can be made to fit around even the most awkward areas.  As you will see above, we can also powder coat the framework to match architectural features.

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