The Belgravia Heritage

ZAC Belgravia Heritage Copper on Bench

ZAC is passionate about protecting England’s past, which is why we proudly joined with English Heritage to design our Belgravia Heritage door canopy. The main difference with this canopy is that it is taller than the other canopies in the Belgravia range. This is to give the canopy a grander, more stately look. This is to mirror some of the impressive historical buildings that English Heritage are the custodians of.

Belgravia Heritage soldering

As with all the Belgravia canopies, each of the panels are cut and curved separately before installing onto the lightweight, powder-coated frame, then finished off with the individually formed roll caps and beads.

Pictured below is an example of a development carried out in a sensitive area of outstanding beauty. The developer was required to source and use materials that would fit in with the local environment. Our Belgravia Heritage door canopy was an ideal choice for these new builds with the canopies adding to the builder’s concept. It is also helpful that most planning departments look favourably on the use of sustainable materials, that are in keeping with the local area. I am sure you will agree that the natural zinc used compliments the lovely textured bricks, sash windows and slate roofs. It is very gratifying to work with a developer who pays such attention to detail.

Belgravia Heritage in natural zinc on a row of houses
Belgravia Heritage with soffit and down lighters

By standard, all of the Belgravia Heritage door canopies are built to a depth of 710mm and a height of 750mm, with standard widths ranging from 1510mm to 4000mm. Customers can then select whether their door canopy is clad with natural, anthra or quartz grey 0.7 gauge VM Zinc or 0.6 gauge natural copper. As with all of our canopies, however, we are able to make bespoke canopies to fit in with a customer’s own specific requirements.

Belgravia Heritage in natural zinc on a row of houses
Belgravia Heritage on a Period Building

Projects Installing Belgravia Heritage

Here are some photographs shared by our customers who installed our Belgravia Heritage canopies on period properties, they are also well suited to new developments in conservation areas. Although not unique to just the Belgravia, the photographs show that this particular canopy is perfect for both large and small doorways, and also works perfectly with a brick built porch.

Belgravia Heritage canopy spanning over 2 doors
Belgravia Heritage on a row of new houses

All our door canopies are fitted as standard with a continental drip flashing. So, no need to cut and chase flashings into the wall, making them ideal for listed and sensitive buildings.

Natural zinc Belgrava Heritage canopy and black metal porch
Copper Belgravia Heritage canopy installed onto period Victorian house

Although more specific details can be found on our Porch and Veranda Pages, the lefthand photograph above shows our metal framework can be used with our Belgravia canopies to create stunning porch entrances and verandas. The righthand photograph is of a Belgravia canopy clad in copper which the customer has treated to bring out the natural Verdigris that many people seek.

Belgravia Heritage Canopy ZAC

Although more specific details can be found in our Porch and Veranda pages, our Belgravia range of door canopies are ideal for creating stunning porch entrances and verandas. We are happy to supply a full range of powder coated pilastres and ornate metalwork fabricated especially for you.

The Belgravia Heritage is manufactured in 0.7 gauge VM Zinc or 0.6 Copper.

Available colours are:

Zinc – Pre-Patinised VM, Anthra, Quartz Grey or Natural

Copper – Natural

The Belgravia Classic is available in various widths:

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