The Belgravia Deco

Belgravia Deco in anthra zinc over a front door

Our Belgravia Deco door canopy is ideal for creating the art deco feel, as shown on the above property. Its gentle slopes and subtle curves enhance this porch on this 1930s property.

It has a more contemporary feel, with its design lending itself to post war and modern buildings. As with all the Belgravia canopies, each of the panels are cut and curved separately before installing onto the lightweight, powder-coated frame, before being finished off with the individually formed roll caps and beads.

By standard, all of the Belgravia Decos are built to a depth of 710mm and a height of 610mm, with standard widths ranging from 1510mm to 4000mm. Customers can then select whether their door canopy is clad with natural anthra, or quartz grey 0.7-gauge VM Zinc, or 0.6 gauge natural copper.

Pictured below is a project a client undertook to remove an existing plastic portico. The customer had contacted us as he was concerned that its removal would leave considerable damage to the brickwork. They asked us if we could manufacture a canopy that could have a soffit fitted to its underside. We worked closely with them to ensure this goal was achieved.

Porch transformation with a Belgravia Deco and soffit

Most of our customers choose not to install soffits onto their canopies as they like to see the elegant minimal frame, however, we agreed that the above was the perfect solution to their problem. Indeed, some customers have even elected to install a soffit lighting into their canopies.

Belgravia underside
Belgravia Deco with match anthra soffit and down lights

Projects Installing Belgravia Deco

Below are some photographs shared by our customers who had our Belgravia Deco canopies installed. The versatility of this canopy is shown by the fact that customers had them installed onto the front door of properties that have a low roofline, porches with apex roofs and over large patio doorways.


Single hipped Belgravia Deco abuting a green copper porch
Belgravia Bromley Single Hip
Belgravia Deco in antra black zinc on a cottage
Belgravia Deco in antra zinc over a door and two windows
Belgravia Deco in quartz grey zinc on a door

The Belgravia Deco is manufactured in 0.7 gauge VM Zinc or 0.6 Copper.

Available colours are:

Zinc – Pre-Patinised VM, Anthra, Quartz Grey or Natural

Copper – Natural

The Belgravia Classic is available in various widths:

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