The Belgravia Classic

ZAC Belgravia Classic on banch

Our Belgravia Classic door canopy is one of our most popular, largely because its lovely, sleek design complements properties ranging from modern houses and quaint cottages to grand hotels and manor houses.​​

As with all the Belgravia canopies, each of the panels are cut and curved separately before installing onto the lightweight, powder-coated frame and finished off with the individually formed roll caps and beads.


One difference with the Belgravia Classic door canopy is that it is traditionally finished with a stylish beaded summit, which gives it an elegant look.​​

By standard, all of these Classics are built to a depth of 710mm and a height of 680mm, with standard widths ranging from 1510mm to 4000mm. Customers can then select whether their door canopy is clad with natural, anthra or quartz grey 0.7 gauge VM Zinc or 0.6 gauge natural copper.​

The flexibility of this style of canopy allows us to manufacture them to overcome more challenging situations. For example, if a door has limited head room, we can build the canopy to a minimum height of 300mm. In contrast, this style of canopy also lends itself to work in bespoke situations where larger sizes are required. The Belgravia door canopy is also ideal for elliptical (oval) framed doors, windows, and arches.

Projects Installing Belgravia Classic

Below are some photographs shared by our customers who had our Belgravia Classic canopies installed. The versatility of this canopy is shown by the fact that customers had them installed on the front entrances of houses and blocks of flats, French doors and even over the entrance to a garage to add character to an extension on a Victorian building in North London.

Belgravia Classic adding character to a victorian property
Belgravia Classic in grey quartz zinc on a brick house
Belgravia Classic in black anthra zinc London

The pictures below show examples of where our customers asked us to manufacture brackets for installation beneath their canopies and, as you can see, one of the customers has also elected to have fleur-de-lis end caps.

Belgravia Classic bespoke over french doors
Belgravia Classic in black anthra zinc with flues de lis

The canopies below have been used to add subtle character to each of these houses. As our canopies are bespoke, we can create the perfect canopy to fit across the line of your doorway and to create the perfect symmetry with your lighting, doorway and windows.

Belgravia Classic over french doors
Belgravia Classic on a modern refurbished property

The Belgravia Classic is manufactured in 0.7 gauge VM Zinc or 0.6 Copper.

Available colours are:

Zinc – Pre-Patinised VM, Anthra or Quartz Grey

Copper – Natural

The Belgravia Classic is available in various sizes:

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