The Beauty of Copper

How the weather changes copper

Back in 2020 we were contacted by a customer looking to purchase a canopy for their beautiful Georgian style character cottage in Cherry Burton, East Riding of Yorkshire. Their house was in the main street running through the centre of the village, which was largely made up of 18th and 19th century farmhouses. The houses had predominately been built with beautiful multi-coloured handmade red stock bricks and characterful clay pan tiles. The customer wanted to ensure the canopy they selected not only fitted in well with the architecture and construct of their house but was in keeping with the village.

After some investigation, they selected to have one of our traditionally built all-metal Cotswold canopies fitted with sunburst brackets. When choosing their cladding, the customer specifically chose to have natural copper.

It is fair to say that some customers are sceptical about using natural copper because of its initial shiny bright finish. The wonderful thing about natural copper, however, is its ability to form patina that will soon bring beautiful shades of russet and chocolate browns.

This blog looks to show how this customer’s copper canopy transformed once it started to weather, forming a beautiful natural patina.

A photograph of the original canopy is shown on the left below. You will see it has the shiny bright finish of new copper. To its right is an up-to-date photograph of the same canopy, which has now started to form a natural patina and no longer has its shiny surface.

Copper Cotswold Canopy on a cottage - full view new
Copper Cotswold Canopy on a cottage - full view with patina

The picture below is a close-up of the top of the canopy and shows how the patina has formed to bring out the different colours. It not only includes the russet and chocolate browns, but includes specks and texture that adds another dimension to the copper.

Copper Cotswold Canopy on a cottage - patina close up

Below are two further before and after photographs of the canopy:

Copper Cotswold Canopy on a cottage - close-up new
Copper Cotswold Canopy on a cottage - close-up with patina

The choice of copper for a cladding depends on a number of factors, but I am sure you will agree that it was the perfect choice for this charming cottage. In fact, this particular customer was so happy with their canopy that they purchased a second one in 2022.

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