The Sarah

Sarah weathered natural zinc canopy on a Georgian cottage

Our Sarah door canopy was launched in 2020 at the Grand Designs Show, London. It was designed to be an affordable stylish addition to more modern properties. ​

Its lightweight mild steel frames are all built to a standard depth of 500mm and a height of 450mm, before being powder-coated to ensure a durable smooth finish. The width of the canopies typically range from 1300mm to 4000mm, but, as all our canopies are made by hand, we are able to build to bespoke sizes. The frame of the door canopy is then clad with a single sheet of either zinc or copper formed by hand into a simple slope before being finished with a neat little beaded drip gutter.

Whether on your front or back door, its simple sloped design means it can be used to fit into smaller spaces, whilst still giving protection from the elements.

In addition to the standard Sarah, we have since launched our Sarah Heritage, this is ideal for historical buildings, cottages, barn conversions and quaint rows of terraced houses.​

Standard Sarah

Our original Sarah door canopy is made with a sleek, minimal lightweight mild steel frame and clad with 0.7 gauge VM Zinc or 0.6 gauge copper. The use of this material makes it both strong and lightweight (starting at approximately 14kg).​

Sarah Standard

Sarah Heritage

Our Sarah Heritage has a more traditional feel. Although still lightweight, the frame has a slightly sturdier appearance with a more robust feel. It comes by standard with either stunning sunburst or circlet gables.

Sarah Heritage

Projects Installing Sarah

Below are some photographs shared by our customers who had our Sarah canopies installed.  The versatility of this canopy is shown by the fact that customers had them installed on their front and back doors, log cabins and even a Juliette balcony door.

The Sarah is manufactured in 0.7 gauge VM Zinc or 0.6 Copper.

Available colours are:

Zinc – Pre-Patinised VM, Anthra or Quartz Grey

Copper – Natural

The Sarah is available in various sizes:

Sarah Heritage with Dimensions

Sizes & Prices

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