The Sarah

The Standard Sarah comes with a sleek, minimal frame. This will add something special to the façade of new builds as well as lending itself to modern, contemporary and functional buildings. It has an elegant, simple design, which is finished off with a neat little beaded drip gutter. This means the Sarah is great value for money, making it an environmentally friendly and cost-effective alternative to polycarbonate, GRP and lead.

Sarah Standard Door Canopy

The Sarah Heritage model has a more traditional feel than the Standard Sarah. The canopy frame has a slightly sturdier appearance with a more robust feel. It comes with a stunning sunburst gable as standard, which lends itself to historical buildings, cottages, barn conversions and quaint rows of terraced houses. We also offer the Sarah heritage with copper cladding at no extra cost.

Sarah Heritage Door Canopy
Sarah Door Canopy Quartz Grey
Sarah Door Canopy Quartz Grey

As with all of our door canopies, The Sarah Standard and Sarah Heritage door canopies are built with environmentally sustainable materials. Part of the beauty of natural zinc and copper is that neither needs any maintenance once installed. Zinc and copper door canopies will last in the region of 100 years and do not degrade or discolour due to ultra-violet sunlight, unlike other metal or Glass Reinforced Plastic door canopies.

Recyclable (over 95 % of old rolled zinc is recovered and re-used in various fields of application).

Low energy consumption (consumption of energy required to manufacture zinc metal from mineral is lower than that required for any other metal used in building envelope applications).

Sarah Standard Door Canopy on Bench
Sarah Heritage Door Canopy on Bench

Architects, designers and property developers are choosing our door canopies due to their innovative designs, practicality and the aesthetically pleasing natural materials used.

Unlike GRP canopies, our door canopies will last in the region of 100 years and do not degrade or discolour due to ultra-violet sunlight.

Below are some examples of the Sarah Canopy in different materials.

Sarah Canopy in Copper Image 1
Sarah Canopy in Copper 2
Sarah Canopy in Copper 3

Sarah Canopy in Copper

Sarah Canopy in Grey Image 1
Sarah Canopy in Grey Image 2

Sarah Canopy in Grey

Sarah Standard Canopy in Anthra Image 2
Sarah Canopy in Anthra Image 1

Sarah Canopy in Anthra

The Sarah is manufactured in 0.7 gauge VM Zinc or 0.6 Copper.

Available colours are:

Zinc – Pre-Patinised VM, Anthra or Quartz Grey

Copper – Natural

The Sarah is available in various sizes:

Sizes & Prices

WidthDepthHeight Zinc Copper
1300 mm500 mm450 mm£330.00£480.00£380.00£480.00
1500 mm500 mm
450 mm
2000mm500 mm
450 mm£800.00£950.00£850.00£950.00
2500mm500 mm
450 mm
3000 mm500 mm450 mm£1600.00£1750.00£1650.00£1750.00
3500 mm500 mm450 mm£2000.00£2150.00£2050.00£2150.00
4000 mm500 mm450 mm£2400.00£2550.00£2450.00£2550.00

Plus standard rate of V.A.T and delivery


Discounts available on multiple orders

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