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Bespoke Zinc Veranda in Regents Park

We were recently contacted by a customer in the Regents Park area of London who had found us on the internet and was interested in refurbishing a veranda on his Grade 2 listed building. He was very impressed with the case study that was featured on our December blog. He explained that his dilapidated veranda was not only on a Grade 2 listed property, but that it was also in a conservation area and he wanted us to carry out a sensitive restoration.

We made a site visit to look at the existing veranda and found that it was in a very sorry state with the original zinc canopy encapsulated in glass fibre and painted black. It barely resembled a canopy and looked more like the bottom of a boat than a veranda!

ZAC Canopy Regents Park Image 1

The client asked if we could provide some information that he could pass on to the planning office so we supplied a mock-up of the proposed canopy.

ZAC Canopy Regents Park Image 2

We also provided him with scaled drawings.

ZAC Canopy Regents Park Image 3

So, we set to work. The client had his builder remove the existing roof covering and guttering.

They were keen to use the existing metal supports if possible, so we removed and shot blasted them. Once all the fibre glass and rust were removed, they were in pretty good condition. We repaired and welded any damaged metal and custom-made bespoke curved rafters, welding them onto the existing struts. This would enable us to fit secret clips to the rafters and ensure that the new zinc panels could be securely fitted. The rafters were then installed onto a new wall plate.

ZAC Canopy Regents Park Image 4

Once the rafters were installed, we fitted a new matching bespoke O.G guttering curved and faceted to fit perfectly to the veranda.

ZAC Canopy Regents Park Image 5

Once the T plate and guttering had been fitted, the new natural zinc panels could be installed.
All the rafters had been pre-drilled prior to powder coating to enable the secret clips to be pot riveted to the rafters.

ZAC Canopy Regents Park Image 6

The new curved zinc panels could then be installed. As you can see, the convex-concave panels are ripple free. This standard of finish can only be achieved by the most highly skilled tin smiths.

ZAC Canopy Regents Park Image 7
ZAC Canopy Regents Park Image 8

The below pictures show all the zinc panels installed onto the frame.

ZAC Canopy Regents Park Image 9
ZAC Canopy Regents Park Image 10

Perfectly executed stepped flashings and meticulous finishing, even down to the pointing.

ZAC Canopy Regents Park Image 11
ZAC Canopy Regents Park Image 12

Scaffolding is now down. Time to step back and enjoy the craftsmanship.

ZAC Canopy Regents Park Image 13

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