The Parisian

Parisian canopy over gothic french windows on a period property

Our Parisian door canopy was inspired by some of our French companions, who join us as part of their training in the roofing industry. They were inspired by the zinc roofs that are one of the special features of Parisian architecture. This canopy adorns this beautiful period farmhouse.

Not only does the canopy add to the aesthetic charm of the building, but it also protects the wooden gothic French window from the elements.

The Parisian canopy below is clad with natural zinc, which, as you can see, initially has a very shiny surface. When installed on the exterior of a building, natural zinc will weather and form a beautifully textured grey patina very similar to lead. The development of the patina can vary depending on the location of the panels and weather, after 4 or 5 weeks it should be forming a nice patina, this can be sped up by spraying with a hose pipe or saline solution.

Finished natural zinc Parisian door canopy ready for delivery

We designed the Parisian canopy with multiple panels, which are all finished with roll caps. The benefit of this design is that the canopies can be made with different sizes and numbers of panels, making it suitable for large and small doorways alike. As is standard, the canopy is built on a lightweight mild steel frame, which is powder coated to ensure it is both smooth and durable. Each panel is then separately formed before being secured to the frame and then traditionally finished with the handmade, individually formed roll caps. Customers often ask for fleur-de-lis to be added beneath each roll cap to give an added French twist to the canopy.

parisian Anthra zinc
Parisian door canopy made with black anthra zinc over a window and door

This bespoke Parisian canopy has been manufactured to fit the raking wall.

By standard, our Parisian door canopies are built to a depth of 710mm and a height of 750mm with standard widths ranging from 1510mm to 4000mm. As with all of our canopies, we are, of course, able to make the canopy to fit in with a customer’s own specific requirements. Customers can then select whether their door canopy is clad with natural, anthra or quartz grey 0.7 gauge or copper cladding. Using a different zinc cladding can achieve a more modern feel.

The first below door canopy has been clad with anthra zinc; this gives the canopy a sleek monochrome contemporary look on the white background.

Parisian door canopy made in black anthra zinc showing underside of canopy
Parisian with soffit surport bars
Parisian door canopy with a retrospective soffit and down lights

Some of our customers like to install soffits into their canopies for lighting etc. This is not a problem; we can manufacture the canopy with purpose made soffit support bars.

Parisian door canopy made with grey antra zinc over sliding doors
Parisian door canopy made in natural zinc over patio doors on a period property
Parisian door canopy over back door
Parisian door manufactured with natural zinc
The Parisian is manufactured in 0.7 gauge VM Zinc or 0.6 Copper.

Available colours are:

Zinc – Pre-Patinised VM, Anthra or Quartz Grey

Copper – Natural

The Parisian is available in various sizes:

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