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Occasionally customers ask us to add bespoke gutters to their door canopies or the roofs of their verandas or porches. As with all of our work, our gutters are made by hand by our metal fabricators and are generally made with the same zinc or copper as the canopy itself. Recently, a customer asked us to manufacture the canopy roof of their veranda with a gutter, so that it could be integrated into their existing steel downpipe.

Below is a photograph of the zinc gutter. It is noteworthy that this particular customer also wanted both their canopy and gutter to be created with aged natural zinc. This was actually done very easily by simply leaving the canopy outside! This meant that it was open to all of the elements that bring on the natural patina of the zinc. This is a wonderful example of what natural zinc will look like after just a short while of being left outside.

The corner of a natural zinc canopy roof with a matching bespoke zinc gutter.

Anyway, back to the gutter! The picture above shows how the gutter has strap supports for strength and is finished with a beaded edge. The components of the gutter are made from sheet zinc, which are cut, curved and welded together.

Underside of a bespoke natural zinc gutter on a veranda.

In readiness for the pipework, the above photograph shows one of the outlets built into the gutter.

Close up of a bespoke natural zinc gutter attached to a steel downpipe.

The above picture shows the underside of the gutter, now with the steel pipework installed. Although this particular customer had their own downpipe system, we are always happy to make downpipes with the same zinc or copper used for gutters.

The added benefit of having bespoke gutters made is that they can be made to exactly follow the roofline. The below image shows the perfect example of this as the gutter has been made to follow the wave in the canopy roof.

A curved veranda roof made with natural zinc with a matching zinc gutter.

It is noteworthy that the curved, cantilever style of the majority of our canopies mean that rain is naturally directed away from the property. It is for this reason that gutters are not needed on the majority of our designs. If, however, you are interested in having a gutter made for your canopy please mention this when discussing your canopy, veranda or porch design. We are always happy to help ensure you get the best solution for you!

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