The Millennium

Millennium door canopies fitted onto houses with wooden cladding

Our Millennium door canopy has a wonderful sleek rounded eyebrow shape. By standard, our Millennium door canopies are built to depths ranging from 640mm to 750mm, a standard height of 390mm and widths ranging from 1300mm to 1510mm. As with all of our canopies, we are, of course, able to make the canopy fit in with a customer’s own specific requirements. Customers can then select whether their door canopy is clad with natural, anthra or quartz grey 0.7 gauge or copper cladding.

An example of our flexible design process was seen when a customer contacted us saying that he had two issues to overcome. The first was that the canopy needed to be durable as it needed to withstand the turbulent Cornish weather. As all of our canopies are made with a lightweight steel frame that is cut and welded, this would not be a problem as they all have a strong construction. The second was that their front door had a wall to one wide which meant the standard shape of our Millennium Door Canopy would need to be adapted. Our design team simply set about redesigning the millennium canopy, this evolved into the millennium mono, a half-eyebrow shape. Since then, many customers have asked for the mono design, some examples can be seen in the below photographs.

Millennium door canopy bespoke over corner door
Bespoke Millennium door canopy made in black antra zinc

Examples of the Millennium Mono door canopies clad in Anthra zinc and Quartz zinc.

This very popular canopy design has been used on a multitude of different style properties. Customers also often opt to have it clad with copper rather than zinc, as can be seen in the first two photographs below.

millennium copper 5
Millennium door canopy on a wooden front door
Millennium door canopy made with natural zinc hanging in factory

The last photograph above shows how this canopy can be turned from a modern state of the art design to a more traditional design, lending itself to period properties, all with the simple addition of brackets. Whether you choose to have your canopy clad with natural zinc or copper, this will definitely add to the period charm as the natural patina forms.

Below are some more images from customers who have elected to go for this wonderful sleek design.

Millennium door canopy made with grey antra zinc on a pebbledashed house
Millennium door canopy made in copper over front door
Millennium door canopy made with black anthra zinc on a rendered house
Millennium door canopy made in grey quartz zinc over a door with two windows
Millennium door canopy made with grey quartz zinc on a white rendered house
The Millennium is manufactured in 0.7 gauge VM Zinc or 0.6 Copper.

Available colours are:

Zinc – Pre-Patinised VM, Anthra or Quartz Grey

Copper – Natural

The Millennium is available in two sizes:

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