Traditional Zinc Porch

Manor House in Kent

As you know, we are renowned for our traditional zinc and copper work. This stunning porch was the finishing touch to a lovely manor house in Kent.

ZAC Bespoke Canopy for Manor House in Kent

The owner contacted me prior to the Covid outbreak and asked if I could pop over and give him some advice. They explained that they had lovingly restored the property and that their final task would be to create a stunning entrance. They told me they had seen one of our adverts in a magazine. They liked our Belgravia range of canopies and particularly the Belgravia Classic design.

Their photographs showed that it was a lovely house but I felt confident that installing one of our porches would enhance and finish off the property.

Kent Manor House before installation of ZAC bespoke canopy

I set to work providing the client with a quotation and some sketches.

Sketches for ZAC bespoke canopy for Manor House in Kent

They liked the sketches and the price; however, they weren’t a hundred percent sure on the size. I offered to pop back and set it out on the ground so that they could see how it would fit within their entrance way. Once they could see the canopy sizes marked out on the floor, they were happy to proceed.

Monr House in Kent with finished installation of ZAC zinc canopy

The new porch has really enhanced the property, adding a real sense of grandeur.

Some quick additions to this month’s blog…

We have many enquiries from our customers for bespoke items and I just thought I would share this one with you. The client required a copper door for their property and they wondered if we could manufacture one for them. As you can see, this wasn’t a problem. Another satisfied customer!

Bespoke copper door from ZAC

Peter Young, one of the directors of ZAC, told me he had entered one of our veranda projects into the 2021 Hard Metal Awards. You may remember it from my February blog. We carried out a sensitive refurbishment of a dilapidated veranda in the Regents Park area of London.

Regents Park canopy from ZAC

Let’s keep our fingers crossed, we should know next month if we have been successful.

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