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Why we use Zinc and Copper

Recently, I visited my good friend Matt in Herefordshire for the weekend.

As a treat, he took me to some lovely villages and towns. One of these was Hay-on Wye, a stunning small market town and community in the historic county of Brecknockshire.

As we were walking around the town, I noticed a new development of very nice stone cottages constructed with natural stone and other sympathetic materials. For me, the only thing that spoilt the look were the canopies above the doors. The materials used were very modern and not at all in keeping.

It makes me wonder why, when architects are designing these developments, they use canopies that are not appropriate. With a wealth of history in Wales associated with copper mines, surely they could come up with something better for such a historic town.

We manufacture authentic, sustainable canopies for all types of houses. ZAC canopies and porches are traditionally manufactured in our own factory using sustainable zinc and copper. We can also manufacture door canopies to architects’ or developers’ specifications and requirements.

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