Zinc Canopy with Internal Gutter

Dunston Hall Hotel in Norfolk

Quite often, we are approached by customers for something a little different. A recent example of this was when we were contacted by staff at the listed Dunston Hall Hotel in Norfolk. They were planning a refurbishment at the hotel and gave us the images below and details from their designers showing the first phase of the project.

Architect drawing for Dunston Hall canopy from ZAC

As you can see, the architects supplied very comprehensive drawings for their designs. Their criterion was for a zinc canopy with a purpose made internal square matching gutter. The gutter would need to discharge at either end of the canopy and the canopy would be finished with a matching pair of powder-coated steel brackets, as per the photo above.

We made a rough mock-up to give the architects an idea of what the canopy would look like once installed.

Mock-up of canopy by ZAC for Dunston Hall

The customer and the architects both liked the design and asked us to proceed.

Steel bracket mock up ZAC

It’s easy to draw or sketch a picture. However putting an idea into action is not always as easy.

Steel bracket for canopy made by ZAC
I needn’t have worried though: the guys on the shop floor didn’t let me down.

Once clad with Quartz zinc the canopy was ready to be installed. Our canopies come fully assembled and are easy to fit by a competent person. On this occasion, the client opted for us to install rather than their builder.

ZAC canopy on back of truck
The guys set off at 5:30 am on their journey to Norwich and by 9 am the installation had started. First, the canopy was offered into position and then the wall was marked for fixings.
ZAC Marking up wall for canopy

Once the setting out was complete, holes were drilled ready to receive the resin and studs. Just to remind you, it is essential that all the dust is removed from the holes prior to the application of the resin.

Applying resin for ZAC canopy

Another stunning entrance created by ZAC’s Master Craftsmen. Thank you chaps, you are the best.

Dunston Hall with finshed ZAC canopy

To see more images of the Dunston Hall Hotel project in Norfolk, please view our Bespoke pages.


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