Contemporary Zinc Canopy

Canopy for a 1960’s Bungalow in Bromley

We recently had an enquiry from a very nice lady from Bromley. She said that she was having trouble with the rain and hot sun damaging two of her doors and that she was not happy with the look of her 1960’s bungalow. She wanted our help to change the look of her property without having to spend too much money.

ZAC House in Bromley 1

She sent me some photographs to enable me to create some mock-ups to give her a rough idea of how our canopies would look. She was not sure whether she wanted to go with a contemporary or traditional look, so I included a range of pictures to give a choice.

ZAC House in Bromley 2

One of the canopies required was for her utility room.

ZAC House in Bromley 3

I suggested a Belgravia, Cotswold, or a Millennium. She opted for the Cotswold as she liked the sleek look and the very competitive price.

ZAC House in Bromley with Cotswold Canopy

I think you would agree the customer made the perfect choice for her property. Not too overstated, the subtle sharp looks blend in perfectly with this property.

Next it was the front door, this was a different kettle of fish as it was not straight forward, the walls were not straight, and it had a number of returns.

ZAC House in Bromley 4

We sent her several designs; however, she was not sure if she preferred a contemporary design or the more traditional look. It came down to two, a bespoke Millennium with a side panel or a bespoke Belgravia Deco with a flat summit. The winning design was the Belgravia, which was my personal preference.

It is difficult when helping a customer choose a canopy, it is easy to guide a customer towards your own choice. I always try to remember that the customer will probably look at the canopy every day. They must be totally happy with their choice as zinc and copper canopies last for a very long time.

ZAC House in Bromley 4

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