Terms and Conditions

Payment Methods


All prices quoted are exclusive of VAT and standard delivery.

All our canopies are made individually to order. Payment must be made prior to the commencement of manufacture.

Please contact us for information on payment methods.



It is recommended that a safety assessment is carried out prior to installation. We also recommend wearing appropriate safety clothing including gloves and eye protection.

Installation should be carried out by a competent person, builder or roofer. We recommend that a minimum of two people carry out the installation. Larger canopies may require three people to ensure that the canopy is level and plumb.

All of our canopy frames and brackets will need to be drilled by the installer(s) prior to installation to locate the correct fixing points in the substrate.

It is important that the installer(s) should ensure that appropriate fixings are used to suit the substrate. The installer(s) should ensure that the substrate is sound and capable of supporting the appropriate fixings and should carefully check that there are no hidden pipes or cables prior to installation.

Please check that no doors are impeded by the canopy prior to installation.

You are solely responsible for determining if the property is suitable for this product. You are also solely responsible for the storage and installation of the canopy. No claims will be accepted once the canopy has been fitted.

The Zinc and Copper Canopy Company Ltd. cannot accept responsibility for any injury or damage sustained during the installation of any of our canopies. Installation is carried out entirely at the installer’s risk.



Our canopies are built on a powder-coated metal framework which is then clad in copper or zinc.

All canopies are constructed with a continental-style drip flashing; this will require sealing to the abutment with a proprietary sealer by the installer. Chasing is not required for this type of abutment detail.

If required, the canopies can be supplied with an appropriate brick-chased flashing kit at additional cost. Flashing dimensions will need to be supplied when ordering.

Alternatively, we can supply matching zinc or copper to construct your own flashing. The flashing will need to be installed by a competent person, builder or roofer. The flashing will need to be cut and chased and pointed with a proprietary sealer by the installer as necessary.

Please contact us for information on payment methods.

Delivery and Returns


Delivery costs are dependent on the size of the canopy and the distance from our factory. Please contact us for a delivery quote.

All canopies are delivered on pallets by trusted courier. It is essential that someone is present to receive and sign for the delivery consignment. The canopy should be unpackaged and inspected before the courier leaves. Any damage should be noted and photographed and we should be informed immediately. (Please note that all our canopies are photographed prior to leaving our factory.)

It is very important that the canopy is kept dry prior to installation. If the protective film gets wet, this may cause staining to the metal covering.

Because all of our canopies are custom-made to individual specifications, it is not possible for them to be returned. Neither can canopies be returned due to errors made by the customer in measuring dimensions.

Please contact us for information on payment methods.

A Note on Colour


Copper canopies will have a bright finish when leaving our factory.  Once the canopy is installed, the appearance will change with weathering.

The copper colouring will react with water and air and the copper will gradually form a beautiful brown patina which gives additional protection against corrosion.  Once installed, zinc and copper will form a natural patina that requires no maintenance.