The Blenheim

Blenheim door canopy made in copper with stepped flashing

Our Blenheim door canopy was one of our first bespoke designs, it was then added to our range once completed. The customer asked for it to be made in copper and, as we were installing it, asked for step flashings to be added. Their aim was to make sure the canopy blended well both into the brickwork and with the circular shape of the doorway.

Blenheim canopy
Blenheim door canopy with weathered copper
Blenheim clad with quartz grey zinc

Although most of our customers have had canopies installed on their properties to enhance their looks, this particular customer had a wooden front door that was prone to swelling during the winter months. They asked for something that would help prevent the rain from hitting their front door, thus protecting it from the moisture. The canopy has been installed since 2017 and the homeowners still report that they have not had any further problems with their front door.

Tinsmith working on a Blenheim canopy on a bench in the factory
Blenheim canopy on front door made in zinc frame view

As has been the case for all our canopies, its lightweight mild steel frame was constructed before being powder coated to ensure it was both smooth and durable. This canopy was made with a depth and height of 800mm and a radius of 1200, giving it an overall width of 2380mm. Each of the panels was cut and shaped before being joined with a standing seam.

The Blenheim is manufactured in 0.7 gauge VM Zinc or 0.6 Copper and is available with optional stepped flashing as shown above.

Available colours are:

Zinc – Pre-Patinised VM, Anthra or Quartz Grey

Copper – Natural

Currently The Blenheim is available in only one size

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