Benefits of Zinc

Natural Zinc Canopies

I do not think anybody really expected this, all our shows have understandably been postponed. The organisers are hoping to reschedule later in the year; however, I think we will have to wait and see.

We have manufactured some lovely canopies during April, doing so in a very limited and careful way. Obviously working within the government guidelines.

As you can see, it seems that natural zinc seems to be the flavour of the month.

ZAC Parisian and Belgravia Door Canopies
ZAC Cotswold natural porch canopy

We have been working with zinc for nearly 40 years, in the early days I only really used natural zinc. It is still my preferred covering for our door canopies.

Prior to gaining its patina zinc is shockingly bright, however once nature starts to work its wonders it will gain a beautiful natural patina.

This cannot be reproduced in the factory, only time and weather can do this with no canopy weathering the same. Natural zinc is the ideal complement for any period property.

ZAC Door Canopy in Reading

Some of our customers ask me what the benefits are of using zinc or copper over other materials. Where do I start, which is the most important criterion?

When I asked my son this question, he immediately answered its environmental credentials of course. He went on to say, they are the most environmentally sustainable metals used in the building industry, 100 percent recyclable, last for a hundred years, both zinc and copper are good for the environment. Zinc and copper are essential elements; your body actually needs them. You can’t say that about plastic or lead, all that university education wasn’t wasted.

I then asked Vinny, you will probably recognise him from our pictures and videos, he is a genius when it comes to working with zinc and copper. Zinc and copper are so versatile, they are the ideal materials for cladding our canopies. They are light weight, however they can be curved and formed to give them extreme strength enabling us to manufacture stunning designs.

I asked Peter, one of the directors of ZAC, what the benefits are of using zinc or copper over other materials. He thought for a moment and then replied, they make the best bloody door canopies on the market.

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