Adapting Designs to fit Properties

Traditional Zinc Canopy in Henley on Thames

We could hardly get into the factory with all the verandas, porches and canopies everywhere. We certainly have a back log of installations. On the bright side, the sun is due to come out next week. We’ll will be able to get the guys out installing again.

Talking about installations, the guys should have installed a Belgravia canopy in Henley on Thames on Wednesday. Unfortunately, we had to rearrange to today because of the weather. When Katherine inquired about a canopy for above her front door , she was not quite sure what type of canopy she wanted. She sent us some photos of her house for us to look at.

ZAC House in Henley

Her original enquiry was for a Sarah Heritage door canopy. The Sarah comes with a stunning sunburst gable as standard, which lends itself to historical buildings, cottages, barn conversions and quaint rows of terraced houses. She liked the Sarah door canopy but was not quite sure. I suggested making a little mockup for her and she liked that idea.

ZAC Sarah Heritage Canopy

Katherine liked the look of the Sarah door canopy, especially clad with Anthra zinc and the soft texture and colour of the zinc would complement her slate roof. However, she likes her brickwork and sign above her door, which she had recently redecorated. Maybe we could come up with another design. Not a problem, so I set to work.

I thought the most obvious choice would be something round like the Waterloo. This would complement the arch as well as looking good.

ZAC Waterloo Door Canopy

Katherine wasn’t too keen on this design. She wanted something slightly grander but not too ostentatious as she wanted to keep the cottagey feel.

It is very important when choosing a door canopy, veranda or porch that it is right for you and the property. We go that little bit further to help our customers. We offer a free bespoke design service to get things right. This helped us become an official licenced partner with English Heritage, something we are very proud of.

Our biggest selling canopies are the Belgravia range. Maybe we could adapt the frame on the Belgravia to suit the brick arch. So, I went back to the drawing board. Katherine also mentioned that she didn’t want to move the light.

ZAC Bespoke Canopy Frame Drawing

I asked Katherine what she thought of the picture of the canopy? Her reply was simple, “I love it, I want that one.”

It is ok drawing something – that is the easy part. We now had to manufacture it so it was time to have a chat with the guys in the workshop.

I asked them what they thought and they said, “Not a problem.” They then proceeded to manufacture and powder coat the frame.

ZAC Bespoke Canopy on workbench

I went back to Katherine; she was really excited about her canopy.  She just needed to decide on the colour as she couldn’t decide between the Anthra or grey one.  To help her decide, I created a few mockups.

ZAC Bespoke Door Canopy Colour Comparisons

She preferred the black one, so Anthra was used.

ZAC Bespoke Canopy in Anthra
ZAC Bespke Door Canopy Henley Front View

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