A Veranda to Finish my Perfect Home

Stylish yet functional

We recently received an enquiry about installing a veranda on a house in Gloucestershire owned by a lovely couple called Ben and Molly. They not only wanted to add some character to the back of their house but were also keen to be able to make better use of their French doors. The doors led out into their back garden, and they wanted to be able to add protection for the doors so that they could have them open, even when it was raining.

Picture of back of house in Gloucestershire.

As with all of our veranda enquiries, we asked them to send us some pictures along with dimensions so that we could mock-up some ideas and pricing. We also sent them a copy of our veranda and porch information packs as these included details of our standard range of metal verandas and porches. Tape measure in hand, Ben very kindly measured the areas around the doors and sent us the dimensions and some pictures of the elevation.

Man measuring the height of a door.
Close up of a man measuring the height of a door.

They felt that the Belgravia canopy would add the perfect look to their Edwardian façade along with the criss-cross frame design, so we set about creating their mock-up on this basis.

Mock-up of a veranda on the back of a house.

Although Ben had provided accurate dimensions around the door, Ben and Molly elected to buy our full design and installation service. This would mean they would be sure to end up with a veranda that perfectly fitted in between their bay windows and around their French doors. We arranged to undertake a site visit to survey and measure the area, this also allowed us to look at the substrate and make sure we would work around the existing light, stone lintel and downpipe.

Within five weeks of receiving the confirmed order, the guys in the factory had worked their magic and had finished manufacturing the veranda. Ben and Molly had elected to have a quartz finish to their canopy roof and have their metalwork and frame powder coated in our standard black finish.

Metal veranda framework.
New all-metal veranda fitted around patio doors.

This would normally be the end of the story, but on this occasion, it’s not quite. Molly was so pleased with her veranda that, after telling her mum about it, her mum also said how much she would like to have something like it for her back door. She was initially a bit concerned about how well it would fit around the pipes that were above the doorway, but Molly re-assured her that this would not be a problem for ZAC to sort out!

Following the same basic design, we undertook to manufacture the perfect porch to fit her back door. Using the Belgravia design for the roof meant the top could be easily fitted beneath the pipework providing the perfect cover for her doorway.

All metal porch fitted around a back door.

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