A Case Study

Copper Canopy on a Period Property

This blog is about our bespoke door canopy service and uses a short case study that I hope you will find both informative and interesting.

Our case study follows an enquiry for a copper door canopy, with a client’s specific instructions to be both unique and special, which would complement his period property, but not be too ostentatious. As usual, my first step was to ask the client to send some photos to allow me to see what I was dealing with. He very kindly sent me the below photo of his door along with a sketch to give me an idea of the position and shape of his canopy.

Millennuim in Stanford

He was specifically interested in a copper door canopy to complement his copper guttering. Looking at our website, he believed the style of our natural zinc Millennium door canopy shown with circlet brackets, looked perfect (https://zac.ltd/millennium).

Millennium conservation

However, to ensure the perfect fit with his doorway, he asked whether it was possible to make a Millennium canopy to match the arc of his stonework. This was of course possible as long as he was able to supply me with accurate measurements. At this point I was able to give him a rough sketch to match his original drawing.

Millennium with writing

Once he had supplied me with accurate measurements, I was able to draw a canopy with the correct radius.  Based on this, he gave us confirmation to proceed with the manufacture of his new canopy along with our circlet brackets.

Millennium with measurements

It is noteworthy that my colleagues in the workshop were initially slightly sceptical as they thought the pitch was very low and might not suit the property.

Millennium with measurements

It’s always a bit worrying when you make something different, but I am sure you will agree looking at the above that they did not need to worry as it looks smashing.

He had applied a treatment to his copper guttering to help accelerate the Verdie patina process and he liked it. We normally like to let nature do its work naturally, however we had something in the factory that we were experimenting with, so I sent him a jar. Although it needs a bit more time and work, I’m sure you will agree that the appearance is very pleasing.

Copper millennium with ageing

Hi Arthur

Great piece of work delighted with the outcome.

Greening will take a bit more work and time, but it just feels so right.

Regards, Ed

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